London’s St. Thomas’ renowned Haemophilia Centre Publishes new Findings on Use of Cryotherapy

London: 12th August 2008

A new study published in the May issue of Haemophilia, (Online Early) contains reassuring findings for advocates of the PRICE (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) regime who recommend the CryoCuff™ as part of the protocol for acute management of haemophilic and related bleeding episodes in a home setting.

Although cryotherapy is widely used by patients with severe forms of haemophilic bleeding disorders, little is known about its relative safety and usefulness as part of the PRICE protocol or indeed the relative safety of a cryotherapy device, such as the CryoCuffTM. This is especially important when speeding up the resolution of haemarthrosis to reduce blood-induced joint-damage.

The research1 set out to consider whether the application protocol for using the CryoCuffTM is reasonable and achievable for patients.

The research was conducted by Ian d’Young at one of the World’s leading Haemophilia treatment and research centres, the Centre for Haemostasis and Thrombosis at the Haemophilia Reference Centre at London’s St Thomas’ Hospital.

  Twelve patients, either with severe haemophilia A/B or with VWD (von Willebrand’s disease), were asked to use the CryoCuff™ device as part of the PRICE regime at home immediately following bleeds from the knee, ankle or elbow for short 15 minute applications, repeated every 1-2 hours for a year.  

All patients found the application protocol safe and easy to follow and were able to tolerate it for the recommended time. They also felt the CryoCuff™ had a significant impact on alleviating perceived pain (associated with joint bleeding) and a return to pre-bleed status with 78% feeling it led to significant reduction in swelling around the affected joint.

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1 Domiciliary application of CryoCuffTM in severe haemophilia: qualitative questionnaire and clinical audit by A. I. d’Young, The Centre for Haemostasis and Thrombosis, The Haemophilia Reference Centre, St Thomas’ Hospital, London, UK Haemophilia (2008), 1-5 “Online Early”