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Autumn 2009 |  
DonJoy introduces long awaited single-upright OA brace
Autumn 2009 | DonJoy launches the World’s First Off-loading Post-op Knee Brace
Autumn 2009 | The best of both worlds with Aircast’s new Cryo/Cuff IC System
Autumn 2009 | Top Swedish Ice Hockey player, Mattias Timander, becomes new Face of DJO
Autumn 2009 | Maneesh Bhatia steps up for EFAS Travelling Fellowship
Autumn 2009 | ESSKA 2010’s PT Programme extended thanks to DJO
Autumn 2009 | FIS Injury Surveillance System
Autumn 2009 | DJO makes a big noise at the 2009 Motocross GP’s with brace of World Titles
Autumn 2009 | Q & A with May Arna Risberg
Autumn 2009 | Use Off-Loader Braces for Knee OA before considering surgery
Autumn 2009 | Competitive Snow Sports Injuries Greater than First Thought
Autumn 2009 | Iron determination: “I’ll never give up!” declares IronMan, Marc Herremans
Summer 2009    | DonJoy knee braces auctioned for Abruzzo Earthquake Appeal
Summer 2009 | Is there help for Restless Legs Syndrome?
Summer 2009 | How long should we immobilize a shoulder after dislocation?
Summer 2009 | Q and A with Dr Michael A. Rauh Clinical Assistant Professor in Orthopedic Surgery at State University of New York, Buffalo
Summer 2009 | Mountain Bike world champion uses braces on road to recovery
Summer 2009 | Double World Champion Antonio Cairoli advocates ‘Safety First’
Summer 2009 | Are you eligible for the ESSKA-DJO Research Grant 2010?
Summer 2009 | EFOST 2009 Team Physician Travelling Fellowship Report
Summer 2009 | Cartilage repair moves on...
Summer 2009 | Chattanooga picks up “Spirit of Innovation” award for groundbreaking critical care rehab platform
Summer 2009 | ESSKA launched new interactive website
Spring 2009 | New DonJoy FULLFORCE™ takes ACL protection to a new level
Spring 2009 | Top Motocross expert Thierry Sarasyn talks about how he and DJO are winning the fight against injuries in Motocross - one of the most demanding sports.
Spring 2009 | Longevity of 3DKnee™ Total Knee System: Wear Testing Simulation Performance
Spring 2009 | Aircast Air-Stirrup better alternative for ankle sprains than tubular bandage
Spring 2009 | Looking further at the benefits of the PTTD brace
Spring 2009 | UK Ultimate Frisbee team boosted by DJO support in World Championships
Spring 2009 | Mountain Trial Biking takes off with help from DJO
Spring 2009 | The Defiance III measures up well in Swedish ice hockey
Spring 2009 | Canadian World Champion takes time off slopes in Are
Spring 2009 | DJO’s Australia office opens its doors...
Spring 2009 | Junior MX Champion praises Armor
Winter 2008 | EFOST’s 2008 Travelling Fellows Reveal All…
Winter 2008 | An Airlift for Flat Feet
Winter 2008 | With Peter Drugge, Sweden's Chief Medical Physiotherapist
Winter 2008 | Briton braced for 400 km charity ski challenge
Winter 2008 | Research into Acceleration of Articular Cartilage Wins AGA-DonJoy Award 2008
Winter 2008 | First Live Biomechanics Demo at BASEM
Winter 2008 | Diabetics Can Put Their Feet Up...
Winter 2008 | Preview the Latest Innovation in Shower-Proof Splint Technology
Winter 2008 | Record Visitors at Medica
Winter 2008 | France Welcomes Launch of First Vibration Platform

Autumn 2008 | eNews - Autumn 2008 - Research just got easier with 'My DJO'
Autumn 2008 | Q and A with Maayke van Sterkenburg, MD, PhD Fellow at AMC, Amsterdam
Autumn 2008 | A taste of this Summer's Research Findings Focus on the Achilles
Autumn 2008 | EFOST's President, Dr Jose Huylebroek, explains the new Team Physician Travelling Fellowship
Autumn 2008 |

Stepping up to the DJO Aircast/EFAS Fellowship Programme for 2008

Autumn 2008 | Successful World Congress on Sports Injury Prevention held in Tromsø, Norway
Autumn 2008 | Chattanooga launches pioneering PT table
Autumn 2008 | Cannavaro returns to form in style
Autumn 2008 | Desert racer and first ever British female Dakar finisher tests the Armor Knee brace
Autumn 2008 | A knee up for Ospreys Scrum Half
Summer 2008 |  Young British Diver, Tom Daley, has it all wrapped up
Summer 2008 | St. Thomas' Hospital's renowned Haemophilia Centre publishes new findings on use of cold therapy
Summer 2008 | New knee implant promises longer life
Summer 2008 | Long Awaited Launch of New PCL Postoperative Brace
Summer 2008 | Brace reduces ankle injuries in paratroopers
Summer 2008 | ESSKA Launches New Website
Summer 2008 | More Diving - but this time underwater in an Aircast Walker
Summer 2008 | 2010 marks 10 years of partnership to stimulate sports medicine research
Summer 2008 | ESSKA 2008 report by Lucia Cardone, DJO's new International Product Manager
Spring 2008 | eNews - Spring 2008 - DJO books a place in publishing
Spring 2008 | DJO supports the Great Britain Ultimate Frisbee squad as they prepare for the World Championships in Vancouver
Spring 2008 | The world of Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgery has come full circle! By Dr Michael Lutz MBBS(Qld) FRACS(Orth)
Spring 2008 | DJO unites with Ormed to create the new Ormed.DJO
Spring 2008 | "Testimonial: It's the support that keeps me going"
Spring 2008 | Encore Medical, L.P. joins DJO and becomes DJO Surgical
Spring 2008 | International PF experts meet at AAOS
Spring 2008 | Walkers good alternative for post-op stability treatment
Spring 2008 | Podalux Promotes Natural Gait
Spring 2008 | Sara van Deun, PT PhD student from a Leading Belgian University
Spring 2008 | New Unique Text Book and Online Course on Clinical Biomechanics

Winter 2008 | Canadian World Freestyle Mogul Champion becomes New Face of DonJoy
Winter 2008 | Q&A with Tonje Whole Florenes, Project Manager, FIS ISS
Winter 2008 | Researchers find PF bracing to be significantly more effective than taping
Winter 2008 | Pneumatic Walker proven successful in Treatment of Charcot Foot and Ankle
Winter 2008 | Three Young Investigators win EFSMA's biannual Awards
Winter 2008 | Focus on Achilles Tendon Repair
Winter 2008 | DJO-sponsored FMX4Ever team reports on a "Rock & Ride" year
Winter 2008 | Canada goes LIVE
Winter 2008 | DJO la carte
Winter 2008 | Donjoy makes impact at bike show - The eagle has landed
Winter 2008 | DJO launches Lombo-Abdo lumbar-abdominal support
Winter 2008 | "Trauma and tumours in the tropics" by Richard Carey Smith
Winter 2008 | FIS Injury Surveillance System (ISS) confirmed for another two years
Winter 2008 | AirSport (AirGo) helps prevent German Volleyball players' injuries
Winter 2008 | Talking Point
Autumn 2007 | DJO Merger Update
Autumn 2007 | Interview with Dr Markus Scheibel
Autumn 2007 | Study Proves AirHeel is a Real Alternative for Achilles Tendonitis Recovery
Autumn 2007 | FIS: Two studies completed from first season survey
Autumn 2007 | World Experts on Patellofemoral Pain meet at ISAKOS. John P Fulkerson, M.D. reports
Autumn 2007 | Focus on Achilles Tendon Repair
Autumn 2007 | Winner of AGA-Aircast Pittsburgh Research Fellowship 2008 Award announced at AGA Congress
Autumn 2007 | BASEM awards researchers at Congress 2007
Autumn 2007 | DJO @ MX Grand Prix Races: It all started with KTM as a neighbour
Autumn 2007 | 'PODALUX'A step forward for podiatry
Autumn 2007 | Only the best is good enough for our children
Autumn 2007 | DJO makes three key appointments
Autumn 2007 | Two trauma societies merge to form ESTES
Autumn 2007 | Living our products: Accident forces DJO's International VP to test his products first hand
Summer 2007 | High performance and Innovation at the ISAKOS Congress in Florence
Summer 2007 | An interview with Jim Richards 
Summer 2007 | Clinical evidence into the effectiveness of osteoarthritic knee bracing
Summer 2007 | A Resounding Success as FIS Injury Surveillance System Gathers Record Data
Summer 2007
| Winners announced for the ESSKA 2000-Aircast Fellowship Program
Summer 2007 | New EFAS Travelling Fellowship gets thumbs up
Summer 2007 | DJO Goes Direct in Benelux & Italy 
Summer 2007 | "The Road to Recovery" by Thierry Sarasyn

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