Accident forces DJO’s International V-P to test his products first hand…

As a result of an accident during a business trip to Tunisia, DJO International’s Vice-President, Stephen Murphy, suffered serious trauma to his right leg. His injuries involved multiple deep cuts through the muscles and tendons and, most serious of all, a partial rupture of the patellar tendon. His position at DJO, of course, provided him with extensive insider knowledge, as well as access to leading rehabilitation equipment.

An active man with a busy agenda involving frequent international travel, Stephen did not respond well to being forced to slow down.  As an impatient patient, he was eager to recover quickly, and has already undertaken an intensive training schedule to accelerate rehabilitation so that he can resume his hectic and demanding life as soon as possible.

Stephen Murphy discusses his experience first-hand, his rehabilitation and the role DJO products played in his recovery.

“After being taken straight to a hospital in Tunisia, I was operated on immediately by a local Tunisian orthopaedic surgeon who did an excellent job.  Post-op I was fitted with a DonJoy Knee Immobiliser which ensured my leg was maintained in full extension during my transportation back to my medical team in the UK.

“On my return to the UK, I was referred to Hugh Chissell of Joint Reaction Orthopaedic, Sports & Spinal Surgery at Clare Park Hospital in Surrey where my wound was inspected and found to be healing well although there were two distally based flaps with poor circulation. However, these healed well and the brace was unlocked and ROM exercises started with the brace set 10 degrees less than the maximum flexion obtained at physiotherapy to protect the repair to the laceration of the patella tendon. The knee immobiliser was replaced with a DonJoy Advanced Telescoping TROM, locked on full extension for a week, with one of our Dura Soft cold therapy products  placed underneath to reduce oedema.  I also asked the team at our Guildford head office to send me an ‘Iceman’, DonJoy’s specialist cold therapy unit designed to reduce pain and swelling. Over the next few weeks, my rehab progressed very well and the fantastic design of the TROM helped me to accelerate regaining my range of motion.

At my final review the knee had an excellent ROM and the repair to the patellar tendon had healed well aided by the protection provided by the brace.

Once mobile I have continued to use the TROM Advance in various degrees of flexion/extension and DonJoy’s DURAKOLD (a cold therapy wrap on-sleeve)I am convinced that my rehab has been greatly accelerated by the use of these products and the hospital was so impressed that they have now switched over to DonJoy products from their current supplier.”

Hugh Chissell added: “There are still a few scars on Stephen’s leg to remind him of his Tunisian adventure but he has regained full function.”

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Autumn 2007